"It is not the style of clothes one wears, neither the kind of automobile one drives nor the amount of money one has in the bank, that counts. These mean nothing. It is simply service that measures success."

                                                                                                                                       - George Washington Carver

At Lions School & Orphanage for Blind Girls, in Vadodara, India.

Hello everyone, meet Fatima. The little girl in black and red scarf who LOVES to dance. I met her at Lions School and Orphanage for Blind Girls, in Vadodara, Gujarat. This school is dedicated for orphan girls with 30% or less vision. I met so many girls with unique personalities and Fatima was the feistiest and most fun to talk and dance with. Meeting these girls I realized what GRACE in true sense looks like. They were the living, walking, singing and dancing examples of Grace. They were grateful for everything they had and they smiled more than anybody I had ever met... in my life! Trust me I have met a lotttt of people. They were so enthusiastic and excited about life. Few hours before I left india I had the blessing of spending some fun moments interacting, singing and dancing with them. I actually cancelled all my meetings even with the best of my best friends to meet them. I hope they see this and happily forgive me. I loved spending time with these beautiful girls and this memory of them is imprinted on my soul forever! 

Saint Ranchoddas Eye Hospital - Free Cataracts Surgery Camp.

As of - 1st January 2019 - I am so thrilled and honored to announce that I had the blessing of participating and supporting an effort to operate 103 tribal people’s CATARACTS SURGERY FREE OF COST!

This honorable lady, Charulata Kirtikumar Vaidya and her Lt. husband Kanubhai Kirtikumar Vaidya and business partner Ravubhai left their thriving business to set up a hospital 🏥. Today known as the Saint Ranchoddas Eye Hospital located in Vasda, tends to the needy and helpless people, provides them state of the art facility, food, love and healing care during their stay at the hospital. This indeed is the happiest I have been on a New Year! 

 Kaprada Primary School, Gujarat.

 Christmas for me is the time to share grace. I am so grateful that I am healthy and able enough to share some beautiful moments with the students of Aamdha Primary School, Kaprada Taluka in Gujarat. 

Had a wonderful experience visiting this remote village in Gujarat where our government was able to not only create a cute little school but also make education a loving, safe and fun experience for kids, especially girls living in this remote forest region. 💕

Launching Sahyog Helping Hand Blood App in Mahrashtra and Gujarat

January 1 2019 our free mobile app : Sahyog Blood Donation Mobil App is now available on Google Play store. Blood is literally our lifeline. We have often seen Facebook and Instagram posts to spread awareness of someone in need of immediate blood donation. So we came up with this app to save time and aid to people in need within seconds of actual requirement. An app that connects people who require an immediate blood donation with Blood Donors. If you are a willing Blood Donor or in need of Blood. This App is for you. All the information you need is just a click away.



SAHYOG HELPING HAND is currently operating in #Gujarat and #Maharashtra. Install this free app, sign up and help save lives.

Supporting Blood Donation Camp in Vapi, Gujarat.


Promoting the Blood Donation Camp by Shakti bioscience Ltd in Vapi Gujarat. 

In a day's time, we were able to cover 4 major campaigns at 3 different locations.

Feeling blessed to be a part of these initiatives. I would love for you to join me too 🙏🏽A very Happy New Year to you all.

Sahyog Blood App is free and available here: 

Christmas with HFV Team in Baroda, Gujarat.

Celebrating Christmas 2018 with Happy Faces Vadodara Team. This Chrismas morning our team of 35 amazing Santas personally distributed clothes and toys to  1000s of needy people in local communities.



At Beyond Barriers Women’s Conference in California. 



Beyond Barriers is about women reaching their full potential; striving for their dreams without limits. 

​Elisha Kriis presented a session about  Inspirational Women Around the World-

 “Finding your true self and leveraging your inner power to live the life of your dreams.” It covered inspiring stories and anecdotes about women who achieved their dreams in the midst of the most challenging events.

 List of speakers included JoAnn Wabisca,  Anne Pianca,  Susan Chapman,  Anne Pianca,  Gloria Mercado-Fortine,  Dr. Deborah Stote,  Rachel Zi​mmerman-Brachman,  Doris Marie Zimmer, Kelly J Mobeck.

I am a part of this family since 2012. This picture is from my birthday celebration that year and also my very first interaction with the girls. They are full of life and love.

Whenever you are in Mumbai I would recommend you do go see these beautiful souls. If you want to give them any gifts please call the Orphanage and ask them what they need specifically. I am sure you will have an amazing experience if you choose to meet them and your presence will be celebrated and appreciated.



Playtime at Prem Sadan Girls orphanage, in Madh Island, Malad.